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Toys City is a modern retailer with a very specific concept of TOYS.
And 85% product in store are toys. We provides toys for Baby, Toddler, Boys, Girls and also toys for parents and grandparents, so TOYS CITY is a very complete Toys Store for everyone . . . form BABIES . . . To GRANNIES .. .
Child Study Center of Wellesley College mentioned that toys have a very good influences to cognitive behavior and stimulate children creativity. Toys helps children grow physically and mentally, and also improve their Intelligence quotient (IQ) and emotion quotient (EQ)

Toys City believes that toys can make children be smarter and happier, they can learn lots of things through toys, from movement, sharing, strategies, logic thinking, creativity and the most important imagination. Toys makes children have passion and the spirit “DARE TO HAVE DREAMS”

We have a fun friendly warm iconic icon brand image.
Tobi , 7 years old monkey boy
Curious about anything, Tobi likes to play a lot and learn about everything.
Coz Tobi knows it make him smart.

Banana and peanut it Tobi’s favourite food.
He love climbing trees, he is not afraid of height. Once I got fall,
He simply bandage his wound and climb again.
Hihihi ..



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