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Scruff A Luvs – Jungle


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Scruff A Luvs – Jungle

Siapa yang akan kamu selamatkan
Akankah Scruff-a-Luv Anda dari Hutan menjadi Singa, Burung Beo atau Monyet
Buka bungkus daun anggur, cuci, keringkan, dan sisir untuk memperlihatkan kecantikan aslinya
Termasuk sisir mainan dan perosotan rambut bagi Anda untuk merawat Scruff-A-Luv Anda dan membuatnya cantik
Setiap Scruff-a-Luv dilengkapi dengan sertifikat adopsi untuk Anda isi, untuk memberi teman Anda rumah selamanya

Which Scruff-a-Luv friend will you discover and rescue? These orphaned animals have lost their way and need you to save the day Their natural habitat is under threat, leaving them lost and without a home. They have been wandering in the jungle alone, getting scruffier and stuck in leaves and need you to adopt them and nurture them back to health. When you open the box you will find their plush matted fur Tangled in vines. Which jungle animal will you find? Have you rescued a lion, a parrot or a monkey? Give them a nice warm bath and peel off the leaves. Warm up your new rescued pet by drying them with a towel and a hair dryer. Then treat your jungle animal to a styling session and reveal their true beauty Groom and brush your pet to make them feel gorgeous using the included heart comb and adding their butterfly hair slide. There is also an adoption certificate for you to fill in so you can give them a forever home In return For your love, They will be your FFF (Furry friend forever) your mystery rescue pet is available in rainbow Ombre plush. The Suitable toy for loving and nurturing kids. Adopt your surprise FFF today. Find us scruffy, make Us fluffy.

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